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What is a designated centre?


Generally located in hospitals, CLSCs or dispensaries, designated centres for medico-social intervention for sexual assault victims (designated centres) offer a range of emergency medical and psychosocial services to victims who were assaulted within the past six months.


The first designated centres were created in 1975; there are now more than 80 in different regions across Québec. Services are provided by a medico-social team made up of psychosocial counsellors, nurses, and doctors who have received special training in helping sexual assault victims*.


Designated centres offer emergency services 24/7 to adults, adolescents and children who were sexually assaulted within the past six months.

A designated centre is the FIRST place to go

If you were sexually assaulted... the past 5 days 

Go directly to the designated centre nearest you. Five days is the limit for obtaining forensic samples that can be used as evidence. Since the reliability of samples decreases over time, try to get to a designated centre as soon as possible.


...6 days ago or more

Go to the designated centre nearest you, where you will be seen by appointment or on an emergency basis, depending on how the centre in your region operates.

…over 6 months ago

A designated centre is not the resource for you, as centres are intended for individuals who have been recently assaulted. We encourage you to consult our resources to find one that can provide the help you need.


For more information

* To learn more about the myths and prejudices surrounding sexual assault, please consult the Information Guide for Sexual Assault Victims.

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