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The Sexual Violence Helpline launches Créer 

Victims of sexual exploitation often use a multitude of services (lodging, mental health or substance abuse) to meet their immediate needs, without telling anyone about their situation. It’s vital to make it easier for them to safely disclose their situation and to show them that help is available by immediately informing them of the steps they need to take. 
This brief guide provides a reminder of the realities faced by victims and recommends ways to encourage dialogue and establish a sense of safety.

The provincial Sexual Violence Helpline has always supported those who work with victims. This guide is accompanied by a checklist for counsellors that can be installed and read on your smartphone. You can download these documents at (in French only).

We want every person who is affected by sexual violence to know that support is available 24/7, no matter where they are in Quebec. Don’t hesitate to visit and the @sexualviolencehelpline pages on Facebook or Instagram, where the SVH team explains the basic notions and specific resources available to meet the needs of victims. The site and social media are there to help victims, their loved ones and counsellors

When we talk about the Sexual Violence Helpline, we’re also talking about all the services and organizations that provide valuable support to victims in all regions.  

To find out more or if you have any questions about relevant resources in your area, call a Sexual Violence Helpline counsellor directly at 1 888 933-9007.

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