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Sexual consent is the clear expression of agreement, in words or through actions, given by a person to their partner at the moment of participation in a sexual activity. Asking for consent is the responsibility of the person who initiates the sexual activity*.


Everyone has the right to say NO.

Conditions of consent

Freely given

The person does not feel manipulated, forced or pressured. 

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The person is aware of what they are doing and what it entails. 


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The person is happy and excited to participate in the sexual activity. 

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The person repeats their consent in words or through actions throughout the entire sexual activity. 


If one or more of the above conditions has not been met, there has been NO consent.


How can you be sure you have consent?

1. Observe

  • Is the other person returning your caresses, kisses and advances?

  • Are they avoiding your eyes?

  • Do they seem hesitant?

2. Take the context into account

  • Is the other person intoxicated?

  • Make sure they are awake and conscious throughout the entire sexual activity.

3. Use words

  • Is everything ok?

  • Do you want to do more? 

  • Do you want to keep going?

  • How do you feel? Do you like this?

  • Does this bother you? 

Explainer video


For more information

* For more information on consent, consult the various articles available on the Éducaloi website.

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