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Visit to Lanaudière

CLSC Saint-Esprit

In April, Gabrielle Arthurs, medico-social intervention coordinator for the Support Service, was invited to the Lanaudière region to attend their bimonthly designated centre team meeting. She was responding to an invitation from the designated centre team that offers services at both Pierre-Le Gardeur Hospital and the Lanaudière Hospital Center.


The region benefits from a team of intervention workers who are on call to provide the service of the case manager mobilized by Info-social/Équipe mobile de crise. Gabrielle was welcomed by Genevière Miller, Coordonnatrice interprofessionnelle pour Info-social/Équipe mobile de crise, Joanie Parent, répondante régionale pour agression sexuelle de Lanaudière and the counsellor responsible for medico-social training, Kim Miller.

As the group from Lanaudière is a self-professed ‘young team’, the goal of the meeting was to take advantage of the expertise and experience of the Support Service to review cases, name the obstacles that have caused difficulty and find solutions together to manage those obstacles as effectively as possible.

The most important information to come out of this meeting was that none of us are perfect people or perfect intervention workers! Our reactions to our clients, to their circumstances and to the environment of an emergency room may not always live up to the established best practices for a medico-social intervention. But with introspection, support, supervision and a willingness to try again and do better, we can all improve and deepen our practice with victims of sexual assault.


The Lanaudière team also had many detailed questions about the medico-legal and medico-social kits that the Support Service was happy to clarify. Overall, the meeting was a lovely way to get to know a region, their services and the high quality of their team! We saw dedication, care, interest in improvement and an aknowlegdment of the essential service provided to victims of sexual assault.

The Support Service hopes that this is the first of many visits across the province to meet and support the designated centres.

Our team is available to answer any specific questions concerning one of your cases or if you need clarification on protocols in your region.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Support Service team
Allied with designated centres across Québec


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