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A Support Service presentation at McGill University

On April 10, 2024, the Support Service was invited by McGill University’s School of Social Work in Montreal to present training on and simulation of trauma-informed approaches and interview techniques with recent victims of sexual assault.

We presented an abbreviated version of the Support Service’s training on trauma-informed approaches, including an interview demonstration with a recent victim of sexual assault portrayed by an actor. For this, we used a slightly modified version our Marie Gagnon clinical cases (link to Bank of Clinical Cases) to provide the scenario. The person who played the role of Marie did so with sensitivity and vulnerability.

The School of Social Work students wished to learn best practices with the aim of minimizing trauma for clients having to recount their sexual assaults. We discussed ways of responding to information about sexual violence and of showing compassion in the context of a professional interaction.

How to respond to information about sexual violence is not often taught to future health professionals, despite the growing number of victims who are coming forward and requesting help. Throughout a career in healthcare, it is likely that these professionals will find themselves in contexts of responding to information about sexual violence, whether they are working in a designated centre or not.

The Support Service is always pleased to lend its support to any training initiative that helps to prepare health professionals and minimize a revictimization of clients.

We truly enjoyed our exchanges with the social work students, and we look forward to future collaborations in a university setting!

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