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Participation of the Support Service in the forum Agressions sexuelles – Violence conjugale held in Victoriaville

Organized by the Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de la Mauricie-et-du-Centre-du-Québec (CIUSSS MCQ), the aim of this forum on sexual assault and domestic violence was to bring together counsellors, researchers, professionals and managers who work in this field in order to encourage the sharing of victim intervention practices and to help them understand their experiences.


The Support Service set up a kiosk during the forum, where three of our coordinators were able to talk to participants about the services offered by the Support Service and the training available in the members’ section of its website. We should also mention the presence of colleagues from Info-aide violence sexuelle (IAVS), with whom we represented the Montreal Sexual Assault Centre (MSAC).


Seven conferences were given (in French only):


  • Le bracelet antirapprochement : Une mesure supplémentaire à celles en place en faveur de la protection des victimes. Speaker: Karine Tailly and Catherine Drolet.

  • L’accompagnement des victimes d’agression sexuelle et de violence conjugale dans le processus judiciaire et l’implantation de son tribunal spécialisé : Implantation du projet pilote du tribunal spécialisé dans le district judiciaire de Drummond. Speakers: Me Cassandre Hamel, Sophie Bergeron and Jessica Thibault.

  • Mieux comprendre, repérer et intervenir face au contrôle coercitif en contexte de violence conjugale. Speakers: Céline Rossini and Karine Barrette.

  • Enjeux entourant la reconnaissance des besoins des hommes hétérosexuels subissant de la violence conjugale. Speaker: Éric Couto.

  • Profil et évolution de la concertation en violence conjugale au Québec. Speaker: Célyne Lalande

  • La récidive des adolescents auteurs d’infractions sexuelles : Mise à jour des connaissances et implications pour l’intervention. Speaker: Julie Carpentier

  • Vers des institutions attentives aux traumas : Les traumas complexes chez les enfants et adolescents vivant des situations de maltraitance et de négligence. Speaker: Tristan Milot

The participants were invited to reflect on several questions, including: What know-how and interpersonal skills should be developed for interacting with victims? What avenues should be explored collectively with a view to putting in place a safety net for victims and their families?

The following are the main conclusions that emerged from the discussions:

  • It is essential that ALL victims have access to support services, regardless of their number, language, gender or age.

  • The most recent knowledge, recommendations and feedback must be made available to counsellors in order to keep their knowledge up to date and support their practices.

  • Victim support organizations are sorely lacking in resources to meet the demand. Government institutions must give priority to the work of the people on the front lines.



We invite you to discover the PowerPoint presentations of the conferences, some of which include video clips, by clicking on the following link:

















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