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Voluntary review in progress of emergency financial assistance

In October 2021, the Minister of Justice announced a first deployment of the Emergency Financial Assistance Line serving victims of sexual or domestic violence (LAFU).


A review of this emergency financial assistance is currently in progress. It is carried out by a team of advisors mandated to evaluate the Minister of Justice’s program who work independently from the department responsible for implementing the LAFU. The aim of this review is to identify favourable and unfavourable conditions for establishing emergency financial assistance, what factors contribute to achieving the desired objectives, as well as improvements that can be made.

You can contribute to the review by completing this relatively short, approximately 20-minute survey:


Whether you have made use of the Emergency Financial Assistance Line in the past or not, your opinion is valuable. We also invite you to forward this email to any of your team members who may not have received it. They also have the option of writing to us at the address if they wish to receive a direct link.


Please note that participation in this survey is voluntary. You are free to refuse to respond, without consequence to yourself or to your organization. The responses collected are anonymous and used exclusively for the purpose of evaluating emergency financial assistance. Moreover, only people involved in the review will have access to survey responses.

We thank you for your valuable collaboration.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have by email at: 


The Support Service team
Allied with designated centres across Québec


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